From October 13 to 28 at the Palazzo Romagnoli and in the historical center of Cesena or ther 30 works on display in collaboration with Admirable Art of Living  Municipality of Cesena and Confesercenti (Valuation Committee of the Historic Center – Zone A)

It consolidates the relationship between Romagna Fair, the City and the city of Cesena . After the 21st edition of Contemporary Art , hosted for the first time in 2017 by the renewed fairgrounds Pievesestina, and the exhibition “Mario Sironi – Retrospective Tribute” that has advanced successfully in the prestigious Art Gallery of Palazzo Comunale Ridotto, the fair dedicated to the art modern and contemporary art in the back of the three Popes city with a renewed commitment to invest beauty really bringing culture to the people.

Opens fact, Fridays 12 October 2018 Palazzo Romagnoli in Contrada Uberti, 48 in Cesena, and will be open 13 to 28 October 2018 , the exhibition “Plastics Cromie” of Marco Lodola and Giovanna Between . Event organized by Romagna Fairs in collaboration with the Galleria Admirable Art of Living in Florence, which anticipates the 22nd edition of Contemporary scheduled 26 to 29 October 2018 in Cesena Fiera .

A major exhibition with more than 30 works of two excellent interpreters of the contemporary world, which will have as a single seat, and the eighteenth-century stately building in the historic center, but will pervade all over the heart of the city in dialogue with its historic buildings. Caskets in which are embedded large light sculptures of Master Pavia, on permanent display until the end of the retrospective and therefore immersed in the daily life of Cesena. A true artistic journey to discover new trends and forms of expression: works as workmates, the walk, the conversation will strike with amazement the eyes of residents, passers-by, tourists and visitors of the exhibition. Thanks to “Plastics Cromie” contemporary art becomes truly accessible to all.

The Marco Lodola sculptures will be visible both inside Palazzo Romagnoli along with paintings by Giovanna Fra, but a majestic Pegasus at the entrance outside introduce you fans and curious. Two “statues of light” will then also be placed under the portico of the City Residence in Piazza del Popolo.

Not only because the contamination will be complete thanks to the identity of views that led Romagna Fairs to work closely with both the Municipality of Cesena and with Confesercenti ( Valuation Committee of the Historical Center – Area A ) whose members will themselves “headquarters museum “.

A further 10 works by Marco Lodola will be hosted for the entire period selected exercises and commercial activities of the historical center of Cesena, arricchedone and illuminating shop windows and fittings and welcoming to customers beauty.

In this case, the works can be admired at:

  • Winery of the People (Piazza del Popolo, 14)
  • Sandra and Urban Photographers (Corte Dandini, 22)
  • The Muccigna (Piazza del Popolo, 39)
  • Monti Boutique (via Fantaguzzi, 13)
  • Cosentino (via Fantaguzzi, 9)
  • Jewelery Comandini (Corso Mazzini, 5)
  • The Elena Books (Court Piero della Francesca, 59)
  • Nails White House (Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 66)
  • Atelier del Caffè (Via Dandini, 8)
  • Officine Optics (ongoing Sozzi, 58)

Marco Lodola and Giovanna Among bring in Romagna “Plastics Cromie” after having lit from June 14 to 15 September, the Reggia di Caserta , unraveling the royal park to the apartments on the main floor in a perfect harmony of light, dynamism, power and vitality among canvases and installations. The same will take place in Cesena in a perfect harmonious contrast between the magnificence of Palazzo Romagnoli and contemporaneity of the exhibits.

As written by the critic Luca Beatrice ” A dialogue with stucco decorations, genre paintings and, above all, with an architecture of inestimable value can be a formidable challenge yet fascinating for contemporary artists, from the use of unusual materials that only recently they entered the ranks precisely artistic value. Make a visual short-circuit between the past and present, is a risk that the art of today feels to run with increasing frequency. Now, in particular, between painting, digital processing, plastic and light . “

Opening hours:

Thursday and Friday 16:30 to 19:30; Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 10:00 to 13:00 and 16:30 to 19:30
Free entrance

For information:
Romagna Fairs: 0543.798466 – 346.5050521 – francesca@romagnafiere.it