Giampaolo Talani

Giampaolo Talani was born in San Vincenzo (Livorno) in 1955. He has a deep artistic preparation attending the liceo specialised in art subject and then the academy of fine arts in Florence where he was one the favourite pupil f the master Goffredo Trovarelli.

Beyond enthusiastic tributes from public and critic he gets important commissions for work realisation, such as: the altar-piece for the church S. Croce in Populonia, the frescos for shrine “Madonna del Frassine” (Grosseto) and the big fresco “La predica di San Bernardino” on the external wall of the bishop’s palace in Massa Marittima, presented in Vatican upon request of S.S. Giovanni Paolo II, who met him in march 1992.
He exhibits in New York, Washington, Paris, New Orleans, Innsbruck, Cologne, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Beirut, Paris, Berlin.
Many people from art and culture world wrote about him, among which: Vittorio Sgarbi, Maurizio Fagiolo dell’Arco, Tommaso Paloscia, Nicola Micieli, Pierfrancesco Listri and other; the most important National newspapers and RAI information media.

In summer 2005 he started technical studios and preliminary drawings of the great fresco for the trains station S.M. Novella in Florence - “departure”. The huge fresco was presented by Vittorio Sgarbi on 20th September 2006 and is one of the greatest expression of the contemporary artistic world, both for size (painting of about 80 sqm) and for the innovative fastening system that allowed not to touch the historical architecture by the architect Michelucci.